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The site lies on the northern edge of the village of Lindford, in East Hampshire. It extends to just under 2.5 hectares of open countryside. The village lies approximately 1 mile north of Boden, 7 miles east of Alton and 8-10 miles south of the larger towns of Farnham and Aldershot. The village has good highway connections, with the A325 providing access to the A31 to the north and the A3 to the south. The nearest railway station is in the town of Liphock, approximately 4 miles to the south east of the village.

The village of Lindford is home to around 2,700 residents. It is part of a collection of several small settlements inkling Borden, Headley and Whitehill. It has a range of services including a local shop, post office, dentist, hairdresser, church and village hall.

The site lies north of an existing residential area, with mature woodland to the north east and west. The site boundary is defied by the River Wey. The site appears to be free from any major physical constraints aside from an area of mature planting which bisects the site.

Our Planning Department Comments

Latest Planning Update

Further to the October Planning Update, East Hampshire council have recommenced their Local Plan Review with a consultation on their draft plan, during which a call for sites was reopened. A number of sites including ours was assessed and consulted on at the end of 2019.

The revised draft Local Plan is expected to be formulated in June 2020 with submission for examination in September 2020. East Hampshire Council hope to have the examination and post examination complete by early 2021 with adoption scheduled for Summer 2021.

In addition to promotion of the site into the council's Local Plan, we are working closely with the LPA to see if there remains scope for a specific care home to be provided within the site. The LPA has discounted the need for a C3 care home but a C2 home would still be suitable.

During the draft process of the Local Plan, we will continue to provide submissions in support of our inclusion as well as working on subsidiary work required for care home provision. We do not anticipate having further feedback until September 2020.